About Gaming Ingredients

What is Gaming Ingredients and why should I care?

In a time where the gaming industry is overrun by corporate run ‘review’ websites that really only serve to push the latest financier’s titles, this is an excellent question. The short answer is because we receive zero financial compensation from any publisher or developer in the entire industry, and therefore we are free to speak our minds (and the truth, which we sometimes like to think is the same thing) 100% of the time.

In other words, we can come out and say when a game really sucks without worrying about enraging our advertisers. Plus, we can cover some of the more interesting and controversial news in the industry.

Overall, it’s pretty awesome content for readers and not sponsors. You might even like it too.

Beyond that is our team. Our team consists of independent game developers and enthusiasts who (at least we like to think) know a thing or two about game development, and are really excited to share some insight with you. We’re also pretty good at covering some of the more important news that may not get picked up on the other sites and even analyzing it a bit. And plus, if you’re not happy with the content or you think we’re missing some key concepts, you’re welcome to submit your own piece to the site as well. Not only do we accept user submissions, but we often feature them on the homepage.

But what do we do? Gaming Ingredients covers:

  • Written news over at our news section.
  • Video news, reviews, and commentaries.
  • Written reviews.
  • Gaming blogs, opinion pieces, and super controversial pieces.

And we’re constantly expanding. Our team continues to grow organically and effectively, and not due to mass funding from outside companies. Instead, it’s thanks to our principals of honest journalism and an independent perspective on gaming as a whole. If you’re interested in joining the team, feel free to contact us.

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