Blizzard Reports Mass Security Breach

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Leading to a slew of tech and gaming websites to sound the alarm, Blizzard has announced a concerning breach of security resulting in the illegal accessing of customer email addresses. Blizzard says at the present time it does not appear that any credit card information or billing addresses were stolen, but it’s certainly best to change your password as soon as you can through the system. In the official blog post entitled ‘Important Security Update’, Blizzard’s President and Co-Founder Mike Morhaime outlines the details of the event.

For starters, Morhaime explains that the breach only affects players outside of China, and that North American players will soon be receiving an automated email to change up their secret questions for their account (the unique question and answer that helps regain your account in the event of it being overtaken). As usual, Blizzard also highly recommends everyone get an authenticator to protect themselves from any issues, the mobile version of which is free.

As a note of comfort, Blizzard’s security system encrypts passwords in such a way that any hackers would have to actually uncover them individually one-by-one. In other words, it is believed that they are safe, but you really should still change them. Mike Morhaime explains in the blog post:

“While Blizzard has no indication that any of your information was shared with any other unauthorized parties or that there has been any unauthorized use of your data, we urge all members of our community to closely monitor all of their online accounts.”

Blizzard’s Advanced Security 

Breaches of this kind are rare but not unheard of, as any PSN user will surely know. The difference here is that Blizzard utilized advanced encryption methods to protects passwords, whereas some other companies unfortunately were not so sophisticated in their security methods. And as a result, many other security breaches resulted in the acclimation of not only emails, but a massive load of credit card information. It’s truly a nightmare for all parties involved, and it can really make customers wary of doing business with such a company.

With Mists of Pandaria right around the corner, it is unfortunate that this bad PR incident would hit Blizzard at such a time, but according to their report it’s really not so bad. In fact, it could even give credence to Blizzard’s proper security measures. Able to squash the intruder before they went deeper into the infrastructure and ensure that no credit card information was taken, Blizzard did a pretty good job as far as online protection is concerned.


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