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By Thomas Bloom, August 4, 2012 2 News, Tech

  Drawing praise from industry titans like Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve) and John Carmack (id Software) while also sporting 1.2 million dollars in consumer donations through its headline-making Kickstarter launch, you would think that the new virtual reality device… Read More »

By Thomas Bloom, August 4, 2012 2 News

  It has been announced that the long awaited Planetside 2 beta will finally launch on Monday, after several previous estimates put forth by the devs and Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley were ultimately delayed. That is unless something… Read More »

By Thomas Bloom, August 2, 2012 1 News

  The War Z beta has amassed over 100,000 sign ups, according to the developers and IGN. The game itself, a zombie MMO which is heavily inspired by the super popular ARMA 2 zombie mod Day Z, was announced only… Read More »