Day Z Standalone Officially Announced

dayz gameplay screenshot

The inevitable Day Z standalone version just went official. Just one day after it was announced that the Day Z alpha had hit 1 million unique players (an amazing feat for a mod still in the early design phase), now the developer for the open world zombie shooter Day Z has announced that it will now be developed into a standalone game. A notion that up until now was set to be ‘sometime this year’ assuming everything went well.

But what about the loyal fans of Day Z who purchased ARMA 2 simply to play the mod, will we be thrown under the bus in order to make a few extra bucks on the new Day Z standalone version?

Thankfully, no. On the official Day Z blog announcement, Bohemia Interactive explains that those who are currently playing the mod will be able to access all future updates that will be added to the standalone as well. As for pricing, I would estimate that Day Z will likely be available for around $5 to $10 on Steam (before the massive promotional sales) — a pretty good deal for those who only want to delve into the zombie apocalypse and not purchase the entire ARMA 2 pack for a bit over $20.

While not up yet, the game will have its own site with further details answered, according to Bohemia. The new site,, will coincide with information also posted over at the Day Z mod official website. The post goes on to state that the game model will be similar to Minecraft’s speedy updates with alpha available to players at a low price.

As I’ve detailed in past articles, the success of this mod just shows that players really are interested in a purely good gaming experiences. Granted ‘good’ is indeed a very vague and general term, but there are certain games that — despite a lack of funding and subsequent glitches — really are just a lot of fun. Even more so than many AAA titles, which lack any form of risk taking despite being loaded with millions of dollars worth of features and later pushed with a mass marketing campaign.

In other words, it’s often simply about taking major risks and redefining gameplay than awe-inducing graphics and a textbook full of perks.

Day Z decided to throw players into a massive world full of blood-thirsty zombies and murderous bandits without even supplying them with a weapon to start with. It sounds like a horrible concept for a game, but obviously it has created an entire following that is willing to pay for ARMA 2 just to experience Day Z. And now with its new standalone version, it may bring in an even larger audience due to its (anticipated) low price and viral success.


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  1. Kerryn September 14, 2012 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    Callnig all cars, calling all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

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