Guild Wars 2 | A Refreshing Breath of Life into the MMO World

guild wars 2

It’s almost impossible to bring old school MMO gamers back into any MMO-styled game, even if it happens to sport a number of really cool features. In the case of Guild Wars 2, the new non-subscription MMO does just that in many cases. You have former WoW players who have ‘been there and done that’ as far as MMO gaming goes since 2004 or so, Tera fans who may be a bit newer to the scene, and everything in-between.

Guild Wars 2 is a refreshing breeze in the world of massive multiplayer online games. If not purely just for its excellent questing and event system that actually shapes the world in ways that challenges the fine line between singleplayer and multiplayer games as a whole. Sure, aspects of the system are borrowed in many respects from other games like Warhammer Online, but so are countless other game mechanics within other titles that have been continually refined and re-invented.

Guild Wars 2 does an excellent job of making events actually matter within the game moreso than any predecessor beforehand. In addition, they actually happen to oftentimes be a challenge. In one instance, a coastal town was overrun by invaders due to a small group of players blindly charging into a group of enemies thinking that they could take them head on. The lack of team play and relying on the help of NPCs to fight off the horde of enemies resulted in a quick death and a loss of the event.

It is this challenge that actually makes the game much more exciting. You expect to die often when taking on a new initiative, whether it be your personal story mode (a questline that applies to your particular character), or a massive event involving the takedown of a world boss. It’s a new standard in a world of ‘easy mode’ MMOs that prop up NPCs as nothing more than background display. Guild Wars 2 makes it really count.

It’s a breath of fresh air after playing numerous MMOs and immediately feeling buyer’s remorse upon picking up the quest to retrieve X number of herbs from the forest to heal Godrick’s deadly illness. Did I mention killing 5 boars to defend the city? And then killing another 10 squids? How about killing 25 harpies, or collecting 5 alligator teeth?

Events shape this old mind-numbing questing model into something more. In fact, you can actually capture city hubs by forming together with fellow players and taking out key enemies. As far as PVP goes, World vs World also presents a really unique experience to capture sprawling castles, strongholds, camps, and bridges. It’s not a boring instanced battleground in which you’re required to capture 5 flags and the match ends. Instead, a persistent battle map presents victory to those who are willing to coordinate.

I’ll be writing a full review soon, but for now it’s important to at least bring up the fact that Guild Wars 2 is not another run-of-the-mill MMO in many ways. It is a breeze of fresh air for sure, and while it has some negative points, it is definitely a lot of fun.


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