Planetside 2 Beta Starts Today, SOE Details Invite Timeframe

planetside 2 screenshot

If you’ve been following Planetside 2 over the past several months, chances are you’re probably quite excited for the Planetside 2 beta — the first chance for many to not only get their very first hands-on experience with the game, but help contribute to and refine the actual gameplay before the game launches. Today happens to be your lucky day, assuming you have an active subscription to Sony Online Entertainment’s classic Planetside 1.

For those of you without an active subscription, however, you will be funneled into the test depending on a few different factors. While it’s important to note that SOE’s CEO John Smedley has confirmed that the test is really on a “see how it goes” basis with no set deadlines, he has also outlined the timeframe estimates for each different ‘group’ of potential testers. And if you’re really eager to get in, that means a lot. Here’s a brief estimate as detailed by Smedley (with sources) for each group of players:

  • Active subscribers to Planetside 1Today, as long as you purchased the subscription before this morning. If you’re currently subscribed and have purchased your Planetside 1 subscription or SOE All Access pass (a sub that allows you to play all of their games), you’re in the beta today. Check your E-mail or head over to the Planetside 2 download page to begin the client download.
  • Planetside 1 veterans without an active subscription — Over the next 2-3 weeks assuming you’ve signed up for beta. If you haven’t taken the time to head over to the official site and fill out the beta application, you actually won’t be invited at all.
  • Twitter keys and other ‘priority’ keys — According to a Reddit post by Smedley, about 2-3 weeks. Note the difference in wording here, vets will be let in “over the next 2-3 weeks” while priority keys should expect to be let in after 2-3 weeks.

The devs have also been really clear in stating that the Planetside 2 beta is not just a free preview of the game, but a serious venue to test the game and iron out the bugs. After all, the game will be free to play and is now confirmed to be hitting Steam upon release. That’s good news when it comes to preserving an active fan base and peaking the interests of players who may not be familiar with the Planetside universe.

If you’re not in beta yet, you can still checkout some lengthy gameplay videos to give you an idea of how it’s currently playing below:


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