Darksiders 2 Review

darksiders 2 review
8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Story: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Fun and fluid gameplay makes for an enjoyable experience.

The PC port lacks some serious consideration.

I’ve been looking forward to writing a Darksiders 2 review ever since I jumped into the game and was quite pleasantly surprised by not only the change of atmosphere but the new combat system. In short summary, Darksiders 2 is everything you would expect from a follow-up to the original Darksiders.

A more polished combat system and a continuation of a particularly dark and interesting plot come together to make the entire experience much more fine tuned and immersive. What the game lacks, however, is several key PC port considerations. While it doesn’t entirely take away from the fun of the game, it appears the developers quite frankly were a bit apathetic (or perhaps rushed) when it came to delivering a final product on the PC.

darksiders 2 combat

Centered around the main character Death, who is one of the four horseman on a quest to save his brother War (also a horseman and the main character of the first Darksiders) from being wrongfully sentenced to an agonizing death for a crime he did not commit, you are immediately thrown into a fantasy world filled with both giants and dark scary creatures. The game certainly isn’t very revolutionary in its gameplay mechanics, borrowing deeply from games like Zelda and Fable, but it’s still exciting. After all, it borrows many key themes very nicely and actually utilizes them in interesting ways instead of forcing players into puzzles to pass off as an ‘intellectual’ game.

What this game does differently than the first, however, is offer up a refreshing dose of vivid landscapes as a relaxing alternative to the harsh and persistent post-apocalyptic theme of the first Darksiders. It definitely feels great to do battle in a field of tall green grass for a change, and the post-apocalyptic feel is still in tact as you slash away at demonic enemies.

That said, there is also a fair amount of dungeon crawling in the game. If you’re a fan of sprawling dungeons, then this game may peak your interest in that regard. If not, then it still has a lot to offer but the hours-long dungeon experiences may seem like a slight chore. Thanks to the Darksiders 2 combat system, however, slashing up enemies and searching for the next point is still enjoyable even after hours of killing off enemies.

Don’t rely on your bird Dust for much help in finding the way, however. The unhelpful little friend, who is designed to help lead the way for you in times of uncertainty during questing, often tends to fly off in the wrong direction or completely ignore objectives.

The game is a lot of fun, that’s for sure. The major complaint here is that PC gamers were essentially thrown under the bus (like usual for console ports) and given a somewhat poor PC port. It’s not terrible, but it is sometimes problematic. The transformation from console to PC is evident particularly so when accessing the main character Death’s inventory and seeing a poorly-transcribed 720p version of Death complete with what looks like a degree of screen tearing. It’s nothing game-breaking, but it’s concerning due to the major presence of this image within the main UI screen.

darksiders 2 review

Then comes the textures. Having such amazing potential, it’s a true shame to see them go to waste on the PC. Some textures look terrific from far away, but get up close and you’ll see the result of poor porting in action. Super pixelated and very low res textures will pad the game universe from start to finish, but generally only up close. You’ll also find issues with the video settings options, which is quite limited as per usual with console ports. When fast travelling on the map, you also have to pretend your mouse is a console controller and hover over the area and press enter to travel instead of simply clicking. It’s nothing colossally game breaking, but it can be annoying.

You’ll notice very few issues I’ve highlighted actually have to do with the gameplay or even the game itself. If the developers ported this game properly over to PC (or just developed it for PC), it’d be an even more excellent game. Even so, it’s a lot of fun. I suggest picking it up for a good weekend (12+ hours to complete) of fun.


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